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3D Sketch World

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What kind of program is 3D sketch world?

An updated art drawing experience program that fully complemented the shortcoming of coloring content, the simplicity.

It provides the experience of decorating various backgrounds such as masterpieces, oceans, space, etc. with paintings drawn by us.

Don't think it is just a coloring play!  Based on the technology clearly reproducing children's imagination, it gives more various movements and more colorful effects on the paintings.

<3D Sketch World> will come closer to you with a variety of themes to let your children's imaginations unfolded.

The outcome of <3D Sketch World>

Korea's largest theme!
<3D Sketch World> has been responsible for installation and after service since 2015 by directly delivering to the various scale of exhibition halls.

This has experience of the exhibition at the National Science Museum, Digital Gallery, Education Fair, and Large and Small kids parks, expanded into the Southeastern Asian educational markets in 2016, and has been recognized for its 3D Sketch World's function of edutainment in the global market.