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Sketch Aquarium

The underwater world I draw with my hands! Sketch Aquarium!

What kind of program is the Sketch Aquarium?

No more simple coloring anymore! We can have the amazing experience of the fish I draw moving alive!

<Sketch Aquarium>, A contents with three-dimensional experience by thinking with your head and drawing with your hands, which lets users more creative


Top in the ranking of the customers' satisfaction! Uncomparable, overwhelming optional functions.

ORIGINAL <Sketch Aquarium>

A variety of backgrounds - from 2D to 3D, fish swimming in a total of five backgrounds of beautiful ocean

Make the maximal educational effectiveness with a minimal guide!

20 kinds of 2D/3D fish

No more simple coloring! Look at the name of the fish and imagine freely.

Everything such as a fish with wings and a star-shaped fish is possible in the Sketch Aquarium

Drawing experience and natural science education at the same time (paid sales)

After enjoying drawing experience, you can acquire various natural science knowledge about ocean life. Try using the right textbook for your age.

<Sketch Aqua Workbook>

It's a high-quality paper in size A4.

2.English Name
3.Give a title to a painting
4.The information indicating features
5.Detailed explanation
6.Learning the Geography of Fish


<Sketch Aqua Workbook>

It’s a high-quality paper in size A5

2.English Name
3.Giving a picture a title
4.The information indicating features


Enjoy the Sketch Aquarium through various ways of use anytime and anywhere

Using the Scanner

Easy operation, response to group visitors

The mobile available

convenience without any limitations about places

The effect of colorful and beautiful fish

From tropical fish to deep-sea fish! There are all of the children's favorite underwater creatures together!

Isn't it amazing that the fish in the Sketch Aquarium, which shows a diversity of effects like one of the animation scenes?


The children's imagination perfectly reproduces the painting of the family, so it's quality and impression from experience are so high

To preserve the emotion of Sketch Aquarium

The function of print

You can print your fish swimming in the ocean background.

Recording Function

Recommend for group audience! Record the entire screen with a live stream and enjoy the video with your children later. Make valuable memories.

<3D Sketch World>

The most popular thing! The best reaction!


Sketch Aquarium acknowledged by everyone

Sketch Aquarium acknowledged by everyone