A Bug’s life


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Sketch Bug’s life

Sketch Bug's life where a variety of insects live together!

What kind of content is Sketch Bugs Life?

Aren't you curious about the world of small insects? from colorful flying butterflies to grasshoppers, you can make all these insects move alive in  <Sketch Bug's life>.

This is the sketch bug's life, a theme that let you draw paintings and learn about the ecosystem of insects.


The butterfly's hatching process is presented interestingly.


Pay attention to the branches.


How will butterflies that I drew appear?


Butterflies appear from the pupa!

Sketch Bugs Life, what kind of insects can you draw?



In Sketch Bugs Life, you can draw a total of 15 different 3D insects with a variety of movements.

Let's meet <Sketch a Bug's life> at
'the Butterfly Nuri Museum' in Bongmu Park, Daegu