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Sketch Dinosaur World

Selected as the official experience content of
<the 2016 Kyungnam GoSeong Dinosaur World Expo>


Flying pterodactyl and the dinosaur running on the meadow
A popular theme in which you can see all of the dinosaurs you've imagined before in one place
Let's decorate the huge dinosaur kingdom in <Sketch Dinosaur Kingdom> with our unique and exciting dinosaurs.



What kind of content is sketch dinosaur world?

Welcome to the dinosaur world with a volcano.
Flying pterodactyls, giant herbivorous dinosaurs, and sharp-tongued carnivorous dinosaurs. we can draw a lot of dinosaurs by ourselves.

<Sketch Dinosaur World> expresses dinosaurs' distinctive movements in 3D version so it satisfies children's eyes and ears.


2016. 04 ~

<Sketch Dinosaur World>
was Exhibited in the theme pavilion of Goseong Dinosaur Expo


Why don't you try to remember the difficult names of the dinosaurs such as Velociraptor, Tyrannosaurus in an interesting way?

Try competing with your friends and see who memorizes better.

Pterodactyl, herbivorous, carnivorous!
Let's met the giant dinosaurs in a 3D version.