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Sketch Space World

Galaxy constellation drawn by my hand!
Why don't you travel into space through <Sketch Space world>?


What kind of content is Sketch Space World?

Let's leave the ocean and go to space! Look at the countless stars in the galaxy in which the meteor is falling. Shall we draw our constellation?

We can freely express the stars we imagined and the stars we've dreamed of. We can't leave out the ridiculous aliens and spaceships, can we? Let's meet 'Sketch Space World", which makes us enjoy spectacular effects.


Let's meet <Space World> every day at PLAYZ park in Icheon,
Gyeonggi Province


Meet them through a large screen of about 15 meters!

The combination of IT and Kids Theme Park! Have fun, and enjoy the digital experience!

PLAYZ Park is divided into Sports Play Zone and the IT Play Zone.

DG Entertainment's space world is displayed at the largest scale in the IT Play Zone!
Sit down with your mom and dad and put your fun imagination into the paper. <Space World> supports your imagination towards space!


Grand Open! Exhibition of <Space Play Park> at the Korea Design Center in Bundang.

"Sketch Space World" was installed in the space of about 330㎡ to accommodate a lot of group audience.

(Technical experts from DG Entertainment can install 3D sketch world )


You can develop cooperation with your friends by drawing

After you finish drawing your star, look carefully at how it gathers and make constellations!


Aren't you curious how constellations made in space will be completed?

Feel free to draw a unique star

What constellations do my stars make of?

Let's wait for my friends' stars.

My stars and friends' stars have come together and

then made a great constellation!

How to Use the Sketch Space world



You can color your stars on your drawing paper.



It scans colored paper with a private scanner.



You can observe the colored paintings on the screen.