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Sketch Sports Town (Winter Season)

Selected as an officially promotional content for the
2018 Pyeongchang Winter Olympics


Shall we draw a lively 3D sports town together?
What if you can design and draw all of the amazing sliding bobsleigh sleds and blazing torchbearers by my hands?
This place is the Sketch Sports Town (Wintertime) with fun, even just with imagination



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What kind of content is Sketch Sports Town(Winter)?

Sports Town drawn by my hands!
Unlike existing themes, <3D sketch world>'s latest theme, named <Sketch Sports Town>, has various themes in one 'town' and offers a one-stop drawing experience.

Try designing athlete's sportwear by yourself and draw it
You can make the sports stars wear the sportswear you designed, and you can enjoy watching the wonderful 3D movement of them. And you can write some phrases to cheer the players and GO GO! Let’s draw the flag of Korea. A variety of flags of each country will be in the snowy sky.

ALL 3D! You can let your own sports town, which has never been anywhere before, open up right now.


2018 Pyeongchang Winter Olympics Promotional Experience
<Sketch Sports Town (Winter Season)>

What kind of thing can we draw in "Sketch Sports Town"?


1. Cheer up, Korea! There are three private papers to draw the national flag of the airship and cheering phrases to cheer up the sports players.

Let's draw the country's national flag if you want to cheer up with various cheering phrases. Then, the lid of the stadium will open, and here appears the airship!

2. Try designing representative winter sports by your hands!

Try drawing beautiful costume for figure skaters, designing ski jump and a bobsleigh sled in the patter you want
By changing the dynamic sports movement into a 3D version, everything designed and drawn becomes vivid and lively!