Everyone’s Gallery

We will show you the new direction for the exhibition of masterpieces.

Everyone's gallery

Everyone’s Gallery

How did you feel about the existing museum before?

Isn't it hard to appreciate the silent masterpieces for some reason?

We want to create the contents that everyone can learn while enjoying, even if they don't have any expertise in art.

This is the starting point of the <Everyone’s Gallery>.


Meet a variety of masterpieces programs
which can fill a whole museum.

Everyone’s Gallery

Western paintings


Everyone’s Gallery

Korean paintings


Everyone’s Gallery

3D Cube


Everyone’s Gallery

masterpieces Theater


The number of visitors has exceeded over 53,000!
An incomparable career of exhibitions!

KERIS Future Education Experience Center / Selected as a trusted
educational institution of the KERIS Future Education Experience Center in


Daegu Arts Development Center/ Installed in the permanent
experience zone of the Daegu Arts Development Center

(from 2014 to the present)

It was on Bonnie Hannie Show, achieving the highest ratings in EBS!
Live broadcast on Bonnie Hannie

(December 2014 to January 2015)

Daegu National Science Museum/Special Experience
Exhibition for Winter Vacation at Daegu National Science Museum

(December 2014 to March 2015)

Also, <Everyone’s Gallery> participated in E-FUN, Daegu Art Fair,
IT Convergence Fair, Happiness School Fair, etc. and was recognized for the excellence


Everyone’s Gallery


Educational effectiveness in the Everyone’s Gallery recognized by EBS


Broadcasted at the Waggle Waggle art museum in Bonnie Hannie, EBS

Smartest Art Experience Content

<the gallery for everyon> was recognized for its educational content that suggested a new direction for the appreciation of masterpieces and was air on EBS's popular program named Bonnie Hannie's Waggle Waggle Museum Season 2.


Korea's first art exhibition in 'Waggle Waggle Museum'

Daegu National Science Museum

How to enjoy <Everyone’s Gallery> in various ways

Art experience content in various ways

3D Cubic of the <Everyone’s Gallery>

The 3D Cubic of the masterpieces changing with my movement! Our movement is getting fun.

A novel experience in which my body moves like a cubic puzzle. Shall we enjoy a total of six masterpieces and move around excitedly? You can feel some amazing changes that you can't take your eyes off.



Everyone’s Gallery/The theater of masterpieces

49 minutes of running time! A total of 26 pieces of Van Gogh's masterpieces!

What do you think of a movie made up of masterpieces only? Feel the impression of Gogh's masterpiece on the big screen and the realistic acting of voice actors.


Try <Everyone’s Gallery> on a variety of platforms

Art experience content in a variety of ways

SK Broad Band Btv Smart Content "Everyone’s Gallery."


<Everyone’s Gallery>
What kind of masterpieces can I meet?

<Everyone’s Gallery> features Western masterpieces and various Korean masterpieces, starting with "Vincent Van Gogh." the artist Korean loves so much.


Shall we enjoy our artistic sense with a total of 70 different masterpieces?


How to experience
Everyone’s Gallery


You can go closer to the front of the masterpieces you want to appreciate.



The information about the picture indicated



You can enjoy the fun movements hidden in the masterpieces depending on the user's movements


Try a little bit for <Everyone’s Gallery>


How should the Everyone’s Gallery be used?

<Make the mood of the museum with many monitors.>

This can be utilized as an eye-catching program in a large exhibition hall with the theme of masterpieces.

<Appreciation for several masterpieces on one monitor>

The masterpieces can be shown anywhere you want, such as galleries, exhibition lobby, event hall, kids cafe, hospitals, etc.

You can use <Everyone’s Gallery> in DID, PC monitor, Beam project, Tablet, etc.